Profile to Mascot Group

Mascot Group is a group of companies diversifying in garment and real estate industry, privately owned by family members who are well educated, professionals with great management skills and moral values. The group started its journey with one woven factory in 1985 and in the span of 25 years it is a proud owner of one knit, one woven shirt, two woven pant factories and a 15 storied state of the art commercial building named “Mascot Plaza” in Uttara, a growing suburb of Dhaka city. Mascot Group has an annual turnover of more than $50 million and exports to North America and Europe.

As Mascot Group, our mission is to provide our clients with high quality garment products, competitive pricing and on time production. Our factories are approved by Walmart, JC Penny, Sears, K-Mart, Tesco, Benetton Etc.

Our client list includes but is not limited to Wal-Mart (USA), Wrangler, Jordache, Hagger, JC Penny, Sears, K-Mart, Benetton, Tesco, George (UK), Terranova, Piaza (Italy), Modis (Russia).

We have our own circular knit Machine which produces Single Jersey, Lycra, Lacoste, Pique Polo, Lycra Single, 2 Thread fleece, 2 Thread Lycra Fleece, Plain Rib, Lycra Rib, Plain Interlock, Lycra Interlock, Yarn Dyed single Jersey, Interlock Feeder Stripe, 2X2 Rib etc. Electro Jet ( automatic vacuum cleaner ) is also available and used to ensure free of foreign object in the fabric.

Mascot Garments Ltd. : It Produces Mens/Boys & Womens/Girl Casual Trouser & also Denim Trousers.
Production lines- 8
Production Capacity- 2,20,000 Pieces/Month (Around)

Mascot Fashions Ltd : It Produces Mens/Boys & Ladies/Girls Casual Shirts & Tops.
Production Lines- 5
Production Capacity- 150,000 Pieces/Month (Around)

Mascot Knits Ltd : It Produces Polo Shirts/Ladies Tops/T-Shirts/Tank Tops & jackets
Production Lines - 10
Production Capacity- 3,00,000 Pieces/Month (Around)

Mascot Knits Ltd. (Knitting Division):
Production capacity is 3 tons/day.

Mascot Plaza Ltd :
15 storied commercial building for shops & office space.

Factories our compliant as per I.L.O. We have in House Medical facility for workers, Day Care, Dining and Prayer halls, health & safety issues are maintained on priority basis. Strict rules against hiring workers under 18.